"How to Instantly Know if a Comic Book is a Good or Bad Investment, Simply by Looking at it on a Computer Screen (This Works in Person Too)!"
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From: Ashley Cotter Cairns

Re: How to know if a comic book is a good or bad investment, simply by looking at it on your computer screen (or in person)!
Dear Comicpreneur in Training,
• Thinking of buying that "rare" comic book on eBay?
• Did you find a "gem" at a flea market?
• Is that comic book in your closet worth THOUSANDS?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on that Daredevil 164... let me ask you a question... 

What if you could, just by looking at the scan of a book on your computer screen, know within a grading range whether the comic book is a good or bad investment?

What if you could save yourself time, money and frustration - AND have more knowledge than 90% of aspiring comic book collectors and investors! (Impress your friends!)
Best of All...
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Module 1: How to Grade a Scan or Photo of a Comic Book if You Can't See it in Person
To accurately grade any comic book, you really have to understand what a book in a grade looks and feels like in person.

However, when you're buying online, you don't have that luxury.

This part of the course will show you how to grade a scan or photo of a comic book as if you were submitting it to CGC.

In other words, if you bought this book and had it certified, what grade would CGC assign to it?

You'll learn:

• The process to follow when you grade from a scan
• How to spot little faults most people would miss
• What every grade CGC assigns looks like (apart from 9.9 and 10.0, those fantasy grades that NOBODY ever gets!)

This part of the course doesn't concern itself with exceptions. We're just going to show you a ton of books, tell you which grades they probably are, and why.

We'll cover a broad range of books, from Golden Age to modern.
Module 2: How to Handle "Exceptions to the Rule"
Things get really interesting from here.

We're going to deal with exceptions, and all those "Yeah it's an 8.0, BUT it has..." kind of questions.

As you'll see, it's not always a straightforward decision. Not all exceptions are created equal: a neat initial on the top left corner of a cover is not as bad as multiple full names affecting the artwork, for example.
  •  The Problem with Grading Marvel Annual-type Books
  •  How to Identify a Printer's Crease
  •  Grading a Signed Comic NOT in a CGC Signature Series Case
  •  How a Missing Marvel Value Stamp Hurts a Book's Value
  •  How to Spot Small Faults Which Hold Back High-Grade Books
  •  The Problem of Photos of Comics in Bags or Mylar
  •  Compare a Scan to a Known High-Grade Example
  •  Grading Ultra-Low Grade Keys When Half a Grade is Crucial
  •  When Blurred Photos Prevent Accurate Grading
  •  How to Decide on Books With Incomplete Scans
  •  How Writing on the Covers Affects the Value of a Book
  •  Learn to be Less Excited by an Apparently Under-Graded Book
  •  When a Book is Appealing, but Overpriced for the Grade
  •  Trying to Decipher the Grade of Rough Golden Age Comic Books
  •  If a Book Seems Undergraded, Check the Seller's Description
  •  When Books ARE Fairly Graded by Sellers...
  •  CGC Thinks Front Cover Faults are Worse than Back Cover Faults
  •  Never Trust a Seller's Description -- Do Your Own Research
Module 3: Test Your Skills
Don't worry - this will be fun.

It's YOU (and all your new knowledge) versus me in a grade-off!

But seriously, everything you have learned will put you in a unique position to grade a comic book ON SIGHT, and instantly separate the winners from the duds.

Part Three of the Video Grading Course is the grading quiz.

Here is where we're going to find out how well you've been paying attention to thing like:
  •  Marvel Chipping: What is it, How Does it Affect Grade?
  •  What do Ink Spray Stains Mean to a Book's Grade?
  •  What is Foxing, and How Serious is This Fault?
  •  What Does Spine Roll Do to the Grade of a Book?
  •  Why is a High-Dollar Book NOT CGC Graded?!
  •  and Much More! 
Module 4: 10 Money-Making Secrets for the New (or Veteran) Comicpreneur
This is what you've been waiting for - show me the MONEY! And this part is worth the price of the course all by itself!

Part Four of the Video Grading Course is the money topics.

Once you have the knack for grading scans and photos, you can start asking money questions, like:

"Is this book a good investment if it's a 9.6 with a shot at 9.8?" and "Could this seller have under-graded this book and be leaving money on the table for me?"

Whenever we came across a financially-relevant topic during our filming, we broke it out here for you.
  •  $$$ TIP #1: Using eBay Advanced Search
  •  $$$ TIP #2: On the Fence About a Book? Consider a Lowball Bid
  •  $$$ TIP #3: How VF/NM is Over-Used on eBay
  •  $$$ TIP #4: This Slam-Dunk 9.8 is a Sure Profit Source
  •  $$$ TIP #5: Follow Sellers Who Under-Grade Their Books
  •  $$$ TIP #6: How Spine Stress Affects Value
  •  $$$ TIP #7: Defects Should Not Always Stop You From Buying
  •  $$$ TIP #8: Taking a Chance on a Lot That Can Pay For Itself
  •  $$$ TIP #9: A Look at the Economics of Investing
  •  $$$ TIP #10: Restoration Advice and Key Issues
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Bonus #1: Comic Book Investing for Beginners

If you would like to buy comics to resell for a profit, then this is the book for you. It contains 32 great comic books which are easy to make money on as a first-time, or developing, comic book flipper.

This is me opening up my "little black book" of great comic book investments, and presented in a detailed analysis of 30 solid, straightforward investment targets for newbies.

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Bonus #2: Sell Your Comic Books on Craigslist

eBay is not for everybody, and not every collection is worth the trouble, either. We have laid out for you a simple guide to how to max out the money you make by selling your comics on Craigslist.

If you've never used Craigslist, it's a bit old-fashioned and hard to use. We de-mystify the process and make it simple for you to quickly sell your comics for hard cash.

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Bonus #3 (Video): "One of the Worst Books I Have Ever Seen" and it Still Sold for $200 on eBay!

I could not help but laugh when I saw this book on eBay.

I hope, if you ever own a copy of All-Winners #19, that it doesn't look as bad as this one... and it still sold for $200!

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Bonus #4 (Video): Tears, Dents and Divots - Oh My!

If a seller should be thrown off eBay - it's this guy!

Too funny for words - you just gotta watch this one to believe it!

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Bonus #5 (Video): Please Tell Me You'll NEVER Do This

The book shown in this video is THE reason this course exists! 

If we can train you to NEVER, EVER, EVER waste your time or money submitting books like this to CGC then we've done our job.

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Bonus #6: 90-Minute "Ask the Experts" Online Webinar

Together, Ashley and Sean have 30 combined years of comic book experience, and they buy and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in comic books each year.

As a special bonus, you'll get the full, unedited recording of a 90-minute LIVE "Ask the Expert" webinar only for some of the first purchasers of this Comic Book Grading Bundle. 

You get to hear them answer student questions about comic books, the comic book business and even about becoming an official Comicpreneur!

You won't find this anywhere else, so this is a priceless bonus. 

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