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From: Ashley Cotter Cairns

Re:  Get access to THE master list of comic book key issues that DEALERS IN THE KNOW have profited from, thousands of times over!

Dear Comicpreneur in Training,
• Want to pull hidden gems from dealer stock, flea market longboxes and yard sales?
• How many ‘key issue comics’ can you think of?
• Want the INSIDER KNOWLEDGE that comic book dealers keep to themselves?

Sean Goodrich and I make five to six figures every month buying and selling comic books.
Key issue books are the BACKBONE of this business model.

We have a list of more than 1,000 books we look for when we buy collections.

Each and every one is a PROVEN MONEY-MAKER.

What if you could get access to this master list? How many ‘goodies’ have you let slip through your fingers at conventions, yard sales or flea markets, simply because you didn’t know which issues to look for?

Stop missing opportunities, and start making 5x to 10x your money. Simply by being better informed than the person selling their books, you will make a profit every time!

Best of All...
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Here's Everything You're Getting Right Now...
You Get Instant Access to our Comic Book Dealer Master List of more than 670 key issue comic books. Everything from the Golden Age to books published in the last few years. - Priced at an Unbelievable $47 for the Next 4 Days!
This has taken me almost FIVE YEARS to assemble. I use it literally every day when I’m pricing collections to buy.
Imagine an F1 team lifting the hood and letting their rivals look underneath at the engine… That’s what we’re doing.

By making this list public, we are giving YOU the edge over your peers who are competing with you for the same profit opportunities, and over dealers or private comic book sellers with less knowledge than you.

We provide the list in a PDF format. It’s already auto-populated with eBay links. You simply can click any of the links to go straight to an eBay search result page for that book.

You think comic book dealers at shows make mistakes? You can double, triple, 5x that for ignorant eBay sellers who don’t know what they’ve got!

We also provide you with a printable checklist. Don’t go out comic book hunting without it. Fold it up and carry it with you.

You WILL see opportunities when you’re “on the road” — our Comic Book Dealer Master List is all you need to make money money when you buy and sell comic books.

And when it’s time to sell your collection, you know you won’t leave money on the table by letting key issues slip through your fingers for pennies on the dollar!

Why Are We Selling This Great Information?

Now THAT’S a great question! Sean was pretty freaked out by the idea of releasing this list to comicpreneurs like you.

He’s worried that we’re going to train you too well, show you too much, and create a MONSTER!
The way I look at it is, there are lots of opportunities to go around. We can’t buy it all. And we want YOU to succeed at this exciting business.

The best way to help ourselves is to help YOU.

Your Short-Cut to Comicpreneur Success!

Thousands of hours of research went into creating this Comic Book Dealer Master List. It’s priceless. The edge you’ll gain is huge.

This list is what we use to price collections. We refer to it throughout every work day.
You are getting the crown jewels here. A chance to look over Ashley’s shoulder, and sneak valuable key issues out of dealer bins and Craigslist ads.

Where Are the Mega-Keys?

This list of over 670 key issues DOES NOT INCLUDE MEGA-KEYS! We didn’t bother listing 
Avengers 1, Amazing Fantasy 15 and the like.

You simply aren’t going to get an edge from a list that’s 2,000 books long, and populated with tons of books that everybody knows are valuable already.

With more than 670 key issues — many of them ‘secret keys’ dealers have profited on for years — you can tell you’re getting a fantastic deal with the Comic Book Dealer Master List.
By now, you can see this is THE most complete Comic Book Master List! And with all the time and frustration the Comic Book Deal Master List Bundle will save you, I could easily sell this training for over $400…
The normal price is $149, BUT I’ll let you grab this MEGA list and bonuses today for...
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Bonus #1: Archie Comics Dealer Master List

We broke out the Archie Comics from the main list to create a unique, one-off Archie Dealer Master List.

Don’t normally bother with Archie comics? You’re in good company! More than 80 percent of comicpreneurs overlook these valuable ‘funny pages’.

Stop leaving money on the table, and start laughing all the way to the bank!

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Bonus #2: Two Printable Checklists

Our Master Lists are awesome to research with when you’re online. But you can’t realistically take them with you to shows and yard sales…

So we created simple printable checklists. One for the Marvel/DC list and one for the Archie list. Just print them and take them on your comic hunting missions.

We include check boxes and a Price Paid column, so you can keep track of your progress.

Normally $17 - Yours Free With This Special Offer!
Bonus #3 (Video): “Sean and Ashley discuss 100 of the books from the Comic Book Dealer Master List”

Sean and I picked 100 books from the Master list, and spent 90 minutes riffing on why they should be permanently on your radar.

We cut in images of the comic books we’re discussing, and explain insider secrets of the key issues you’ll be hunting for…

Video is Yours Free With This Special Offer!
Bonus #4 PDF: 100 Hot Comics 2016 Checklist

We’re working on updating the 100 Hottest Comics of 2016 for a brand-new edition.

This is literally your LAST CHANCE to grab the original Hot 100 in PDF form. It includes a printable checklist for you to carry on your comic hunting trips!

Video is Yours Free With This Special Offer!
Bonus #5 (Audio & PDF): Webinar 1 Audio and Transcript

Remember those times when you were listening to a video training, or podcast, and really wished you could have made a note about that KILLER TIP?

Don’t worry. Sean and I had our Comic Book Grading Bundle webinar made into an audio file, and also transcribed.

Not only do you get an audio version of the full webinar, but you get a PDF — with notes and eBay links auto-populated, so you don’t have to do any work!

Audio & PDF is Free With This Special Offer!
Bonus #6: 90-Minute "Ask the Experts" Online Webinar

Together, Ashley and Sean have 30 combined years of comic book experience, and they buy and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in comic books each year.

As a special bonus, they are offering a full 90-minute "Ask the Expert" webinar only for purchasers of this Comic Book Dealer Master List Bundle.

You will have the opportunity to ask them any question you want about comic books, the comic book business and even about becoming an official Comicpreneur!
You won't find direct access to them anywhere else, so this is a priceless bonus. 

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